To celebrate Starlight’s 30th year, we have put together a list of 30 reasons to support Starlight Children’s Foundation. Starting on Starlight’s birthday on 10th October we started with our first 10 reasons, adding to them daily until the end of the month.


1)   Starlight Children’s Foundation have been fundraising for long term sick and terminally ill children for 30 years.

2)   Starlight help to grant wishes of a lifetime for long term sick and terminally ill children from the age of 4 all the way up to 18 on a daily basis.

3)   Starlight work in every children’s hospital ward in the UK.

4)   Starlight also work in every children’s hospice in the UK.

5)   Starlight positively reframe the hospital experience which builds resilience and positive memories for children and their families.

6)   Starlight have a positive impact on children’s and their families’ feelings about hospitalisation by reducing social isolation, fear and anxiety.

7)   Starlight provide a sense of community and belonging for children as well as enhancing self esteem and social functioning which ultimately can result in enhanced recovery.

8)   Starlight increase children’s positivity, mood and therefore reduce of stress, boredom and anxiety, through play.

9)   Starlight provide Distraction Boxes and Boost Boxes to nurses and play specialists across the UK.

10) Starlight supply fun centres to hospitals and hospices, containing television screens and games consoles.

11) Starlight ensure children are entertained, distracted and have fun whilst coping with their illnesses.

12) Starlight distract not only the children but their siblings and parents from the illnesses and treatments.

13) Starlight have Storytellers who entertain children in hospitals with fairytale stories across the UK every year.

14) Starlight train Captain Starlight Entertainers specifically to interact with children in a hospital/hospice environment to entertain, distract and bring joy to young people having a variety of treatments.

15) Starlight put on a Christmas pantomime tour across the UK every year.

16) Starlight host Escape Days for poorly children and their families several times a year.

17) Starlight always invite the whole family so they can all enjoy time together away from hospital and treatment, whether they’re granting a Starlight Wish or holding a Starlight Escape.

18) Starlight help families and carers feel relieved and less stressed due to the child feeling happier.

19) Starlight facilitate social interactions within the hospital setting to help children make friends/bond with family members.

20) Starlight give families the opportunity to create happy memories together.

21) Starlight provide children with something to look forward to.

22) Starlight allow children and families to focus on something other than treatments.

23) Starlight offer a huge menu of fun fundraising ideas and opportunities which the team are always on hand to help you with.

24) Starlight offer places in some of the largest fundraising sport events across the UK.

25) Starlight provide training packs’ including starlight t shirts’ for those taking part in any fundraising activity.

26) Starlight are funded entirely by the generosity of the general public.

27) Starlight promise that 91p of every £1 donated helps sick children.

28) Starlight try to never say no to a wish.

29) Starlight have supporters such as Frank Lampard, Kate Moss and Ben Elton.

30) Starlight have ambassadors such as Bill Nighy, Kiera Knightley, Rupert Grint and Stephen Fry.

Join planitgreen in celebrating Starlight Children’s Foundation’s 30th Birthday.

During the week of 10th October people up and down the country will be holding cake bakes to celebrate Starlight’s 30th birthday. These cake bakes and sales will be taking place to raise vital funds to transform the lives of seriously and terminally ill children.

planitgreen will be taking part in a week long cake bake and celebration along with our customers and corporate partners. We would like to encourage our customers to take part by baking cakes and selling them to your colleagues, customers, friends and family for Starlight Children’s Foundation.

You can join in the fun by tweeting us at @plan_itgreen and @Starlight_UK with the Hashtag #StarlightCakeBake

For every cake photo we receive containing our twitter handles and #StarlightCakeBake, we will donate an additional £2.50 to Starlight Children’s Foundation.

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