Our friends down in Ringwood are currently hosting an inter-office competition that will take place over a two week period.

Steve Barratt, account manager in Ringwood is an avid cyclist and has set the challenge. Steve will cycle at full pelt for 20 minutes, recording his overall distance on his cycle trainer.

The competition will then open up to the rest of the office who will be able to book themselves a time slot (for a small fee of £3) to cycle for 30 minutes, in attempt to beat Steve’s distance.

The winner will receive their tea or coffee made for them for an entire week and Steve has promised that should his record be beaten, he will donate a cash sum of £30 to Starlight Children’s Foundation to add to the money given by participants.

Update – Monday 1st August

Steve “Wiggins” Barratt has set the challenge with a distance of 7.54 miles!

That means to beat his distance participants will need to be cycling an average of over 15MPH for the 30min time slot.

Update – Friday 12th August

ll as you are aware, Steve ‘Wiggins’Barratt set the challenge with a distance of 7.54 miles in 20 mins.

The rest of us had to beat that distance in 30 mins and if we did then Steve Barratt would donate £30 towards the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Well I’m glad to say that challenge of making Steve Barratt part with some of his hard earned cash was one we didn’t want to miss out on!

Thank you to all who took part as it wasn’t an easy challenge.

The fastest time was Steve Maple who completed the miles in just 23 minutes but the legend, leading from the front was David Newman who smiled and laughed his way through the full 30 minutes and covered a massive distance of 11 miles.

The event raised a fantastic £80 towards Starlight Children’s Foundation!

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