The family team, The Bencombe 8 have not only been training for a ColorVibe 5K race, but also coming up with some innovative methods of raising donations for Starlight Children’s Foundation.

The Bencombe 8 team is made up of Damian, Mary Ann, Rebekah, Jades, Georgia, Megan, Jasmine and Emilia. The team have raised over £950 for Starlight Children’s Foundation over the past few months through a number of exciting ways.

As well as the tradition methods of fundraising for the team’s race, the family put on a Summer Garden Party with an aution, photo-booths, fish and chip vans, music and children’s entertainment. Guests were invited to eat & drink and join in the fun in exchange for donations towards Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Damian gives his highlights of the fundraising below:

Using the summer party to help raise money for Starlight was probably the highlight as it brought all our friends and family together and raised the profile even more of Starlight.


We had over 100 guests at the party and the best moment for many of us was the auction. Not only did we have some great prizes but we also auctioned off the services of one of my friends (Lee Burke). To say he was apprehensive about this is an understatement, especially when you saw some of the people bidding for him. Since we were auctioning him off for any service of the winning-bidder’s choice,  Lee was understandably concerned about what they would want him doing for them. In the end, a friend of ours’ mother actually gave the winning bid of £160, so I think he relaxed a little bit at this point.


It is also always nice getting the girls involved in helping with the fundraising. I feel it is an important message for them to learn, giving back where you can is something we all should do. All in all, we had a lot of fun doing our bit and felt a little bit proud at the amount we managed to raise.

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